Sa huling araw ng 4 na taon

4 na taon.. . Sa 4 na taon na pagtahak sa kahabaan ng legarda, makipag-unahan sa pagsakay ng jeep, nakipagsiksikan sa bunton ng mga taong nag-uunahang makasakay sa tren. makipagpatintero sa mga sasakyan nasa kalagitnaan ng traffic,sinabayan ang pagsikat ng araw habang nakapila sa mahabang linya, nasaksihan ang sinag na tila kahel na sumabog sa… Continue reading Sa huling araw ng 4 na taon


In lieu of Goodbye’s

Excerpt from the untold story of two strangers that had met along their journey nearby the place where many of broken soul resided but only few can survive, in the lieu of goodbye's, they both found each other. A Paragon of a tragedy that Romeo and Juliet had once proven. Sincerely, Yours. Words are meant… Continue reading In lieu of Goodbye’s

“Ako si Marcos, Ikaw? Sino ka ba?”

Ang entry na ito ay para sa mga "earwitness" ng rehimeng Marcos na nagrereact lang naman Β base sa naririnig, nababasa sa twitter at social media, at higit sa lahat yung nakikiayon sa "majority wins" pagkatapos ay ginagawang lisensya iyon para tuluyan ng makikisawsaw sa usapin na gago ang walang pakialam pero hindi naman dapat ng… Continue reading “Ako si Marcos, Ikaw? Sino ka ba?”

What makes failure beauty-fool?

Failure could make us feel as if we are in the bleakest moment of our lives; situation that cannot be undone anymore and putting us in the qualms,  Its like an exploded bomb that tear down dreams, Kinda a noun also  "failure" is an adjective of what we have failed to do, things that we… Continue reading What makes failure beauty-fool?

Living in the lifeless world

25Oct2016 Dear God, The world destroys humanity, bomb threats and war frighten your people, famine and poverty kill your children, money makes the world go round like a circus, It drives us into evil things, prestige and fame seem the access of  salvation, we have been inherited material things, my generation possess unethical and immoral… Continue reading Living in the lifeless world

Sa ating huling salita ang muli nating pagkikita

Script, Spoken Word Poetry. I. Magkita nalang tayo sa dulo ng ating mga pangako. Mga pangakong nilagyan ng letra, tinig at kulay ng ating mga dugo. Mga katagang paulit-ulit na inuulit. Mga katagang sa kawalan ay Hindi alam kung saan hahanapin. "Mamahalin kita." Mga pangakong, mapapako pala sa kalbaryo ng walang kwentang mga damdamin. II.… Continue reading Sa ating huling salita ang muli nating pagkikita

Forget Me Not.

Remember me in a serene night. When the only noise you hear is the whistle of the wind. whoops of the wolves. and the ticking of the clock. Forget Me Not. Remember me, when you see the moonless sky. Just like a cloud which is dimmer than the night. A flare that lasted for only… Continue reading Forget Me Not.

Dear Unknown, I know where the Lost and Found area of your life.

  Dear You, God knows where you at, in your journey, He knows exactly what you have been planning to do, Actually, He knows if you were having a hard time doing this and doing that. Though, Its really hard to understand his tailor-made plan, because none of us could ever tell what he has… Continue reading Dear Unknown, I know where the Lost and Found area of your life.

Sonnet VII

Am I out of your league or simply because you are out of reach? I pray to heaven So may the heaven be with me I like us Heaven knows I like you Heaven is above of the both of us and heaven sees what you haven't seen heaven knows what you haven't known and… Continue reading Sonnet VII

Undestined Lovers

"End" the word that defines itself We started as strangers and ended in the same old f*cking word After all, feeling would never be enough and it will never be. The odds we have had made us realized that life is not a matter of chances but timing We already had the chance to make… Continue reading Undestined Lovers

Dear Bitches, You are a work of art. Love, Loneliness

As I grew older IΒ deeply understand how loneliness is one of the strongest form of an art when It let my soul spoke because it was tormented, It let the tears stirred with the ink so I begun to make a masterpiece that no one could explain unless I would reveal the mystery of it.Β … Continue reading Dear Bitches, You are a work of art. Love, Loneliness

Year-end Lesson: Last Glance for 2016

January taught me to be wise and stupid at the same time, it taught me that life is not always about the starting line, its not always about when and how to begin but how to end things and finish what I've been started so I can start all over again. To have the courage… Continue reading Year-end Lesson: Last Glance for 2016

The deadliest woman in love

Don’t fall in love with a woman who reads, a woman who feels too much, a woman who writes...Don’t fall in love with an educated, magical, delusional, crazy woman. Don’t fall in love with a woman who thinks, who knows what she knows and also knows how to fly; a woman sure of herself.Don’t fall… Continue reading The deadliest woman in love